IT and cybersecurity audit

Affordable cybersecurity solutions for your business. Protect your business from internet hackers with our specialised cybersecurity experts. 

Have your computer systems assessed for free using the code NOHACK when you contact us today.

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IT and cybersecurity audit

Protect your IT systems, and your data, and make sure you meet industry standards.

Oshara offers flexible and affordable cybersecurity solutions that are unique because no matter how big or small your business is, you are not safe from hackers. 

Did you know for example that:

  • nearly 70% of attacks target small businesses
  • 40% of small businesses close their doors only 6 months after being victims of a cyber attack.

Our cybersecurity solutions integrate the use of advanced technologies and the expertise of professionals in the field to protect your business.

Secured web hosting

If you: 

  • need a space to host your website or a web project, 
  • look for a shared or dedicated hosting solution, 
  • look for a cloud hosting or any other hosting solution,

we have all the hardware resources you need to improve your IT infrastructure.



Protect your data, protect your customers and protect yourself.

Did you know that a single cyber-attack costs small businesses an average of over $25,000! *

Do you know that this figure rises to $200,000 when you combine 

businesses of all sizes **

The consequences of a cyber-attack can vary from data loss to the complete closure of a business. In most cases, the impacts are difficult and have a terrible economic impact on businesses.

Faced with all this, securing your business data and networks is possible when you are accompanied by experts in the field.

We have a wide range of security-related services tailored to your needs.


* This statistic was unveiled by the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2021.

** insurance carrier Hiscox in 2020.

We work with your teams to support your organization and develop an evolution plan.

Our Promise

We will take you to new heights in business by:

  • improving your productivity with technology
  • increasing your sales through digital marketing
  • transforming your business with your vision and passion

Our solutions have already generated, for many of our customers, per year up to

  • +2
    Millions in revenue
  • 9x
    Increase in SEO traffic
  • +900%
    increase in investment PPC
  • +40%
    increase in the conversion rate

And you! What is your challenge! We look forward to hearing from and helping you.

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