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With all the experience and successes we have accumulated helping hundreds of companies boost visits and sales on their websites, we have developed effective SEO techniques to allow you to position your website on the first page of Google and internet search engines. 

With SEO, you are visible at the very moment your potential customers are looking for your products and services online. 

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Increase your sales with a tailor-made SEO plan.

Boost traffic to your website, and increase the number of leads and sales of your business with SEO solutions from Oshara. For years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses multiply their revenue through strategies like SEO.

SEO actions that generate results

Our SEO solutions are personalized and focused to drive results.
It includes several actions such as:

  • Competitive SEO intelligence and study of your competition
  • Optimization of the pages of your website (on-site SEO and off-site SEO),
  • Creation of lists and integration of relevant keywords in your content to improve your SEO and positioning in search results
  • The creation and integration of referral links (backlinks) on your website and high-profile sites
  • Improving the performance of your website (loading speed, title tags, meta description, etc,)
  • And much more SEO action

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  • Complete analysis of your website
  • SEO performance report in 20 points
  • Stratégie sur mesure d’actions marketing numérique
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With more than 800 digital marketing campaigns created, managed and successful, we can help you generate more leads and sales on the internet. Request your free strategic consultation today.

A clear and personalized SEO process that always works. 

To successfully achieve the SEO goals you have set for your business, and although we always customize your SEO plan, we follow a very organized and rigorous process that often generates results even in the 1st month.
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We’ll take a few minutes of your time to understand your business model and goals in order to provide you with a customized solution. 

SEO Plan

We analyze your competition and make recommendations in a detailed SEO action plan focused on quantifiable results.


We execute the defined SEO plan, carrying out the necessary optimizations and follow-ups to reach the agreed upon goals.

Reports and results

We regularly and closely observe the SEO performance and document it in reports that clearly show you the results and the SEO progress.

Continuous improvement

SEO requires continuous improvement. By taking into account the ever-changing web standards we make sure to position and keep your website at the top of Google.

Improve your SEO ranking now without any obligation.


By entrusting the SEO of your website to our experts you choose the simplest and most effective method for you. You will get faster results by using our agency and better performance. Your return on investment will be much higher because we have a lot of experience in this field. Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, adapts to your budget to improve the natural referencing of your website, so don't hesitate to contact us. Choosing Oshara means saving time to take care of your customers and be sure to stay competitive on the web.

First, having a website is good but if nobody visits it, it's not very useful. With the internet everything is moving fast, and to stay competitive you need to appear on the first page of Facebook searches. That's why Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, increases your visibility on the internet by giving your site more relevant visits, and therefore more customers ready to buy your products and/or services. Today, and even more so since the pandemic, you can't escape using the internet to grow your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The most used tool to follow the progress of your SEO is Google Analytics. Thanks to this platform, you will have access to a lot of data about your website. Moreover, by choosing Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, our experts will give you a monthly report on the progress of your SEO by detailing the progress they have noticed and the tasks they have accomplished during the week. Our SEO specialists are there to support you and help you understand so that you can maintain, if you wish, your search engine ranking in the long term yourself.

Improving your SEO is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting out. Perhaps you have already tried to optimize your SEO yourself without getting results. This is common, don't worry. However, by calling on our SEO experts at Oshara, the Montreal-based web agency, you will get much better results much faster. We know all the secrets to get your website on the first page of Google search by adapting your content and illustrating it, targeting potential customers, and differentiating yourself from your competitors. So, act now, contact us.

SEO can make you king of your niche (at least on Google). This means that your website will rank better than anyone else and people will presume that you have the best product. This will enormously increase your traffic and revenue, multiple times. There have been examples where companies grew their revenue by 16 times, but we promise that we will at least double it. There is nothing to lose with SEO, but a lot to gain.

First results can be seen within weeks. You will start to get more visits and customers will find your product easier when searching for it. Depending on the saturation of your niche with other producers you can start appearing on the first page within 2 months. After 4-6 months of continual SEO optimization you will start getting into the first 8 results. This will help you build your brand awareness, get more traffic and in most cases double or triple your revenue.

There are different strategies that work for different companies depending on the product they are trying to sell. We first need to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then make a SEO strategy that we will follow. Usually we will need to modify your content, from titles and paragraph length to visuals and word density. We would also use geo tagging your media and links so you get more local customers and promote your brand.

Yes, in fact that is the whole point of SEO. The SEO philosophy is to fight with the bigger guys in the market, fight smart and win. So by following the practices of Google and knowing what it’s algorithm wants we will tailor our content so we rank better than others. One of the first things we do is setting up the budget and results expectation. Then we push as much as we can so we can fight against the bigger guys and win. We are the digital David fighting Goliath, join us.

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Our Promise

We will take you to new heights in business by:

  • improving your productivity with technology
  • increasing your sales through digital marketing
  • transforming your business with your vision and passion

Our solutions have already generated, for many of our customers, per year up to

  • +2
    Millions in revenue
  • 9x
    Increase in SEO traffic
  • +900%
    increase in investment PPC
  • +40%
    increase in the conversion rate

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